Morris campus faqs

As you likely have heard, Crossbridge is going to Morris! An existing church, Living Water Church of the Nazarene in Morris, IL, has decided to become a part of Crossbridge. Below are some questions you may be wondering.


Why does Crossbridge have to vote?

According to our bylaws we have to vote anytime debt is incurred. When Living Water becomes part of Crossbridge we will gain all of their current physical resources (building and everything in it). However, we will also acquire their debt of approximately $266,600 (this debt was incurred when they purchased and remodeled their current building).


Will Crossbridge be able to handle the new debt?

While we never like to take on debt, the monthly payments of the debt are very manageable. We are not concerned about taking on the debt, especially, as the building is in good condition and is an asset.


How did this all come about?

To make a long story short, Pastor Kevin became aware that Living Water was looking to become a campus of another church. That didn’t work out, Pastor Kevin connected with Pastor Steve (current Lead Pastor of Living Water). Over the course of several conversations it seemed like God was bringing the two churches together.


What will the process look like?

The process for the transition of Living Water to a campus of Crossbridge will be very similar to the process we used with Peru. Living Water will close its doors for public worship services for a few months while we renovate parts of the building. The current members of Living Water will attend the Ottawa Campus until we reopen the building. During this time we will also form a “launch team” that will make commitments to be a part of the new work in Morris.


What is the timeline?

After the vote (February 24 & 25) there are a number of other processes that have to take place to make everything official. By mid-April all those processes should be complete. We plan that Living Water will meet in their current building through the end of May. We plan to use the summer months to renovate the building. We hope to have our grand opening in September 2018.


How can you be a part of this?

First, you can pray for a number of things: God’s help, finding a campus pastor, building renovation, the creation of the launch team. Second, we will be asking people at our Ottawa Campus to consider joining the launch team (a one year commitment to serve at Morris). Third, you can start telling everyone you know that Crossbridge is going to Morris. Personal invitation is still the best way to invite someone to church!


How much will the renovations and launch of the campus cost?

We are in the process of getting those answers ourselves. In the next couple months we will be engaging our building firm to help us get an estimate of the renovations that need to take place. And we will be making a list of equipment needs for the campus. There will be cost involved to launching Morris, but we believe God will provide.


If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Kevin at