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Our Online Campus is a video campus that is open to anyone and everyone across the world. It is designed to reach people who cannot attend church or who is not comfortable walking through the doors of a church. It is a safe place where you can hear about the Word of God and experience fellowship and worship all from the comfort of anywhere you have an internet connection.


service times

Saturday | 6:30p

Sunday | 10a

Sunday | 6:30p

Monday | 6:30p

Tuesday | 6:30p

Wednesday | 6:30p

Thursday | 6:30p

Friday | 6:30p

here's what you need to know

You can stay in your pajamas without missing a week of hearing from God or take some time out of your busy schedule to reset and be renewed for the rest of your week! However you join us, we hope and pray you leave a little better than you joined us.