Get Connected

Groups at Crossbridge Community Church exist to transform lives through community and spiritual growth. We have small and medium-sized groups designed to help you connect with others and grow in your faith.

Email or call (815) 434-3794 to get in contact with us.

group signups

There are several locations, dates, and times to choose from. After you sign up, your group leader will be in touch regarding the specific start date and any additional information you may need for your first meeting. 


1) How often will my group meet?

Most groups meet weekly for 60-90 minutes over 10–12 weeks.

2) How can I be sure that there is a group for me?

We have groups that meet throughout the Illinois Valley at different times each week. Check out our catalog for a full listing!

3) What kinds of groups are there?

There are three main "types" of groups:

  • Grow Groups – focused on sharing and study
  • Activity Groups – focused on a shared activity
  • Support Groups – focused on support for a specific season of life

4) I’ve got children, what should I do with them?

It depends. Each group is different. Some groups naturally lend themselves to including children and others do not (mostly due to the topic of study). We do offer childcare reimbursement. See below for details.

got kids?

Crossbridge will reimburse you for childcare costs (up to $20 per week) when you attend either a grow or support group. Reimbursements must be requested after each small group meeting. Reimbursement is made at our sole discretion and may be discontinued at any time.