how can we pray for you?

let's pray together


A praise Jessica's test was negative. Thank you for your prayers.


My daughter who was exposed to Covid. That she tests negative. To strengthen her through all of her concerns for her family. Thank you.


I want to thank everyone who said prayers for me for my cancer testing. I was able to get pet scan done and was blessed with good outcome with no new cancer development so so Blessed. Unfortionaly the Radiologist did find traces of Covid on my lungs so fighting that battle now. With that we had to cancel trip to Iowa cancer clinic. But God is good and just a set back. Thanks everyone again.


My sister, Jill with Downs Syndrome, is experiencing severe pain. After 5 ER visits they discovered severe bladder wall thickening, cystitis ( inflammation). She was put on antibiotics, in hospital for 3 days & back to group home. Still in pain, difficulty urinating. Please pray for God’s wisdom to medical staff & us to provide the best care for sweet Jill. This has been going on for a month. Thank you for prayers!


This may be a tired request but I am asking for prayers of salvation for my children Nicolas and Nathan Reynolds. I pray daily for salvation for Nick’s child’s mother and their son. Thank you so much for I know that God is Good all the time and He never fails and He won’t fail now.