let's pray


    Peru Campus Pastor

    Keep guiding and directing us in this process! God, we know you have great things in store for our Peru crew! Would you continue to bless Peru through this process. And we thank you in advance for our new campus pastor, whoever she/he is!


    Our District Churches

    Lord, thank you for allowing us to have other churches in our District to connect with, learn from, and walk alongside. Would you bless the other churches in our community and also on our district? Give them vision, direction, wisdom, and discernment wherever they are today!



    We know that school situations are different everywhere. From homeschool to public school to private school. Students who don't want to go to school, can't go to school, love to go to school, and more. We pray for all of those situations and children. Allow each student from preschool through college to feel your presence today!

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

let us pray for you!

let's pray together


I've been having problems with depression and I'm having a hard time with it I do see someone and I'm going through weakness and sleeping a lot doctor's have no answers please pray with me for some relief and some peace of mind God bless u all


I am new to Crossbridge and after years of being away from the church I am restoring my relationship with God. I ask for prayers for my new journey and for my family. You are all wonderful and I am blessed to be a part of this community!


Please pray for Faith McNamara ( a wonderful ER nurse) as she goes through radiation and chemo for soft tissue sarcoma.


Please pray for our cousin’s daughter. She went into OSF Peoria to be induced early because of her baby girl’s abnormal brain flow levels. She had a sister lose a baby that was not developing her brain. God, please protect Cassie & Danny from this burden & grief for life.


Please pray for my mom Jodi. Mom suffers from Dementia. Today she was diagnosed with Covid. She is going to need so much mental and physical strength during this time. I ask that we keep her in all of our prayers.