let's pray

  • church | FEED HIS CHILDREN 

    God, we ask that you would bless this ministry abundantly. When the children and families receive the bags, let them feel your love. Thank you for those who serve in this ministry. Help to give them energy and determination as they continue to serve.


    God, we pray for all those in our communities who are in care facilities and can't be with families and friends. We ask that you would bring them peace, joy, and comfort in times that they may feel alone, stressed, or sad. Make your presence known to them.

  • world | ORPHANS

    God, we recognize that there are children without homes in our own country and all over the world. We pray that they would find stable and loving homes. We pray for the future parents and families of these children and that you would begin to prepare their hearts. And if a child won't find a home, we pray you keep them safe and guide them.

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let us pray for you!

let's pray together


Please pray for my son-in-law, Nate. He’ was just admitted to the hospital again with COVID complications. He first had pneumonia then blood clots and now heart issues.


Please pray for my friend Mary Kay. She had surgery on Tuesday, had complications on Wednesday. She stabled out on Thursday and then had more complications on Friday and had to have emergency surgery again. She is in ICU and stable but very very weak. Thank you


A friend continues to go through a rough time with anxiety and depression and is not able to find a job. Asking for prayers for peace and for employment.


Asking for prayer for our son in laws Cousin, Nicolle Ely, a navy nurse stationed at Kabul, Afghanistan airport. Please pray for her safe return home. She is from Amboy, Illinois.


I had a first interview today with as new job locally. Tomorrow at 330 I have a first interview with a company in Pennsylvania. I am asking prayers for God's will not mine. I have not even been looking locally, I want to be in PA, but what I want more than anything is God's will in my life