let's pray

God, help us to take the next step in our relationship with You. We want to keep growing. Give us an openness to Your spirit and how You are leading and guiding each of us. Help us to cheer and support others who are taking their next step. We thank you in advance for how we are going to see You move! Amen.

let us pray for you!

let's pray together


For my son in law Art , having heart problems in the hospital


Please prayer for a dear friend, her son, and her husband. She that has inoperable pancreatic cancer and keeps getting bad news. Please pray for a miracle and peace.


My daughter Lynn Addis is having gastrointestinal problems. She can’t eat anything. Doesn’t see dr till Oct 5. Also my husband is still dealing with broken hip and leukemia. All orayers will be much appreciated. Thank yoy


My daughter Annie & grandson Bobby we're in a accident this morning. Thankfully although minor injury and shaken up Annie was discharged home. And Bobby is at school. The other driver in the car is all right as well. So I'm very thankful for that. Annie was using my car as her car is broken down and needing repaired. Unfortunately my car being an older car I had liability it's totaled and unfortunately insurance won't cover that. Not sure who's at fault accident was? And that's not important neither are the vehicles the main thing was everybody walked away and I'm thankful for that but if it is our fault at least my insurance will cover it. I'm a little bit fearful right now and need prayer one just to make sure Annie's okay I still think they should have admitted her and kept her overnight. But it's just another thing financially that none of us needed like I said things can be replaced people can't. But that doesn't mean we don't have concern on how to get stuff taken care of? We definitely could use prayers lots of them. And on top of that having had ankle surgery a year ago this month knee surgery in July. And looking to have a back surgery as well down the road. Having physical therapy appointments I have to get to thank goodness for the the bus service here in Ottawa. Thank you for prayers God bless you all!


Prayers for healing. I've been on antibiotics 3xtimes infection just won't go away.The antibiotics r causing more problems now. I want to feel better. So tired of not feeling well. I'm getting very discouraged and depressed. I've been praying and God hasn't answered.