let's pray

God, help me to start my year off right and spend time getting to know You and Your voice. Speak. I am listening.

let us pray for you!

let's pray together


That my son be offered a new job with great benefits and more safety on the job


That my dad who his wife (also my mom) of 73 years can have peace in the comfort of knowing she is with our Savior. That he can adjust as a widow in his nursing home (since October 4th). He most likely will have a new male roommate and this could also be difficult. My dad has a very strong belief in God. May he be able to use that belief and find comfort in knowing they will meet again in heaven and will dance again but now with the heavenly angels and family and friends. Let he feel her peace and know his love for her wu never end. My love for both of them and God will also never end. Amen


Good morning friends .as some of you know my son Joe has issues with his diabetes..he has been off for 8 months trying to heal his current issue...today he was hoping for a green light to go back to work .but instead got a nother red light n has found out a possible infection is going on in a different spot. Not to mention spiritual n financial is very low...I would like to ask you to pray that when the dr.finds out for sure if it is or not another infection . Could you pray that it isn't...I'm not sure how he will do if it is there.thank you all .God bless you. Mary Rhode


That both my sons future job opportunities come to fruition. That they both continue to seek God and ask for his guidance in everything.


Prayers of healing and comfort please for my sister in law Joan. She has an ulcer and infection in her eye and it is very debilitating.